Our Elf Isn't Watching!

So it's that time of year again. Consumer madness at its height. Kids hyped up on sugar. Frazzled parents. Empty wallets. And creepy creepy elves! You know the kind? Sent by Santa to check on boys and girls to see if they're being good and worthy of presents this year. With their creepy big eyes and vacant faces they slowly but surely take over the house causing mayhem wherever they see fit.

Yeah. We don't do that!


I've been thinking a lot about food recently. A couple of my friends are very health conscious and I guess it's influencing me. Maybe it's a mid-life crisis or maybe it's just now I have a kid but suddenly my health, our health, matters to me. Funnily enough I'm currently at the healthiest I've been in a long long time, my ME is definitely taking a back seat right now and I'm loving it! But I still think I can do better and I think diet and exercise need to take a part in that.


The other week my mum hinted that my lo (now 2 1/2) is now only feeding through habit rather than need. It was enough to make me doubt myself, you know those moments when you wonder if you're irreversibly harming your child whilst making your life super difficult (boy has it been difficult these past few weeks!).

Anyways, I researched, as I tend to do, and came across this http://m.wikihow.com/Stop-Breastfeeding-a-Toddler

Year End

So here we go then, Christmas, and soon to be the beginning of a new year. Time to look back on what has been a very different 12 months, 2011, the year with the extra one.

Last Christmas Eve was a very different affair, our first scan, we had little room to think about the upcoming festivities with much energy going into finding out if everything was ok and was there really only one in there! The rest of the holiday was then spent with relief, sharing our news and, on my part, trying not to throw up what little food I managed to eat!


Facebook post from Rosie (Andrew's mum):

Andrew "if you follow that sign it takes you you to March?"
Me "Yes, if thats what it says"
Andrew "That so cool, didn't realise it was so easy to go back in time"
I had no response to this smart arse/sarcastic comment!


And the growth continues, now home for four weeks and with a corrected age of one week our little bit of mischief is growing at an alarming rate heading very close to 7lb's this week. Now that he's settled into home life we've reached the time when he's up to visitors and he's certainly enjoyed meeting many of our friends and family. There seems to be a running theme to first impressions though:

"Wow, he's so small, I'm afraid to break him"


Now he's home, the little diddy bit continues to grow at an alarming rate. To try and remember just how small he really was we decided it would be a nice idea to get one of those casting kits. You may have seen them, the ones where you end up with a life-sized replica of the child's feet and hands. We carefully deliberated over which kit we would get, mocking the signs to pay upwards of £80 to get it done professionally, and, once purchased, read through the long list of instructions. All looked fairly straight forward.


A couple of weeks ago we were both lucky and unlucky to welcome our little baby boy into the world. Lucky because he's ours and we couldn't wait to meet him. Unlucky because he was eight weeks early. He was a good weight for which we are thankful and needed very little intervention compared to other babies of his age but even so I don't think either of us were prepared for the journey we now find ahead of us.


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